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Why do we remember music?

The first reason is exposure. If a song is popular you are going to hear it a lot. This repetition and exposure is one big reason that we remember music. If it is popular you will hear it on the radio and the clubs and everywhere you go.

or maybe the song isn’t popular but you like it so you play it over and over. This repeated exposure will cement it in to your long term memory and this is a big reason that you remember music.

Emotional Triggers are another reason that you remember music. Maybe you hear a song when you are with someone that you love. This emotional will tie that song to that person in your memory. Your memory will remember things that have emotion tied to them. This is why you remember where you were on September 11 because of the emotion of the day or where you were when you first met someone you love.

This emotion if associated with a song will tie it in your memory. This is a big reason that you remember music.

Motor memory is when you use your muscles and it ties it in to your memory.It is also known as muscle memory. Think of it this way.

Your brain will remember how to ride a bike because you didn’t memorize it like you did your history homework. You memorized it by getting involved in the activity. This uses your muscles and what is known as muscle memory or motor memory.

It is a different kind of memory.

When you sing along with a song you may be moving around and that is motor memory.

The notes help us remember songs. Is there is as song that has a drum solo or a guitar solo and as soon as that solo hits you know they words that come next?

Why? Because in our minds we have tied the lyrics to that note. The notes are acting as files storing the lyrics for you.

This is another reason that we remember music.

If it is true that we remember songs then if you have something that you want to remember create a song for what you want to remember This is a great memory training technique.

Then of course I sing the song by Billy Joel, We Didn’t Start the Fire. So if you want to see that I guess you need to watch the video.

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