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Why do elephants have such good memories?

It is true that elephants have good memories.
The hippocampus and cerebral cortex of elephants are highly developed.

They also have a relatively hight encephalization quotient. This is a between-species measure of relative brain size, operationalized as the ratio of actual to predicted brain mass for a given species relative to body mass. This indicator is used in comparative analyses involving different species as an index of cognitive ability.

In this video I share stories of elephants using their brains to lay branches on fences to walk over the fence, stories of elephants (Shirley and Jenny) who had not seen each other in 20 years showing their affection for one another and even stories of elephants remembering where water was from 40 years prior.

Elephants are majestic and to be admired, protected and loved.

I hope you enjoy elephants as much as I do.

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