There is a fad going around called oxygen bars.

I recently walked by an oxygen bar and I had to stop in and see what all the fuss is about.

The air we breath is made up of about 21% oxygen. A long long long time ago oxygen killed certain life that didn’t adapt to it but we must have oxygen to survive.

Why do we need oxygen? We need it because our cells use it as fuel to produce our energy and without oxygen we would die.

The brain after 4 minutes without oxygen will experience brain damage and after 6 minutes of no oxygen to the brain it will die.

Oxygen is a key to life.

But is it true that these oxygen bars give you oxygen that is 95% oxygen?

That is the claim that are are putting 95% oxygen in to your nose. They do it through water tubes so it won’t dry out your nose.

Here is an article on the science of oxygen and why we need oxygen

A little more info on why oxygen is helpful to the body

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