Help for when you’re not thinking so clearly

“Slowing brains” are hungry brains. Medium chain fatty acids are the perfect snack for hungry brain cells, because they’re quick and easy to use

Here is a recap of this video

00:04 Memory difficulties

00:20 Fixing foggy thinking ?

00:35 Thinking better through food

01:18 “Thinking” takes energy

01:44 But I’m eating well

02:05 Brains hitting the OFF switch

02:29 Hypometabolism a consequence

02:52 Thinking brains can be sluggish too

03:23 Hypometabolism the cause

03:44 Being hungry

04:09 Feed me, Seymore, feed me

04:49 Insulin resistance in the brain

05:23 Just eat fats

05:49 Feed me ketones please

06:38 Quick & easy ketones

07:00 Dietary fats are long chain fatty acids

07:32 Medium chain fatty acids in the diet

08:04 The instant pick me up

08:20 MCT benefits slowing brains

08:59 How much MCT ?

09:56 Scientific reference

Enjoy !

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