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Weird Quirks of Geniuses

Geniuses who had weird quirks

Tesla had a weird sleep schedule

Thomas Edison would offer his interviewees a bowl of soup and if they salted it before trying he believed they made too many assumptions

Albert Einstein would sometimes eat insects off the group and play his violin in public until he cried.

Alfred Hitchcock tortured his lead actress in the movie with real birds until she collapsed

Edgar Allen Poe would write on scrolls instead of paper. This annoyed his editors

Charles Dickens would comb his hair hundreds of times per day

Davinci would cram every bit of writing on to a piece of paper filling every available spot.

These geniuses were a little weird and had odd quirks

Weird brain facts of geniuses. I do not believe these geniuses were horrible people. A weird quirk is not a bad thing. It’s just fun for us to think about.

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