Whether cramming for an exam in college, memorizing countries for geography high school, or attempting to ace a test at work, memorization is a difficult skill to perfect. It can often take far more time than it should have to! In fact, there is a secret power that each person’s brain contains that allows them to memorize vast amounts of information in a much more efficient and simple manner! Hope you enjoy! Cheers

Memorization is a skill that everyone should possess. If you are able to enumerate names effectively, then you have more chances of landing that lucrative job. In education however, one of the least important skills in learning is memorization. The belief is that anyone can memorize items: however, retention is an aspect that should be to be able to learn more effectively however, you will have to learn how to memorize effectively. The following methods maybe used:

1. Understand what you are memorizing

The key to increased retention is to understand what you are memorizing. When you understand a topic, you do not have to memorize the concept to be able to present it. A specific example is when you want to memorize the functions of the liver; you have to understand that the liver is the major metabolic organ, so that the functions are all about to metabolism.

2. To memorize, associate something significant to the words.

If you are to memorize names, you could remember them more if you associate something about the persons to their names. An example is to remember the name of “Paul” because it rhymes with “mole” which is found on his face.

3. Make use of acronyms

Acronyms are initials used to represent certain words, like if you want to memorize the processes occurring in glucose metabolism, you form an acronym from the first letter of the processes: Processes of glucose metabolism:

a. Entry of glucose into cells
b. Conversion to energy
c. Reversion to glycogen

Obtain the first letters; you come up with E,C,and R. Rearrange it to form a word that you could easily remember – REC. Glucose metabolism is a REC.

4. Form a sentence with the key words of the topic you are memorizing.

Let us say you are memorizing the function of the different electrolytes in the body:

a. Osmotic balance
b. Co-factor in biochemical reactions
c. Cardiac contractility
d. Coagulation factor

You can form the sentence: The “osmotic” “co-factor” in “cardiac” and “coagulation” are electrolytes.

5. Tell a story with the words you are memorizing.

Let us say you are memorizing the different tests for the enzyme acid phospatase (ACP), which are:

a. Bodansky
b. Babson and Reed
c. Reitman & Frankel
d. Gutman

You could form the sentence: ” Reitman and Frankel went to Babson and Read for Bodansky’s Gutman.”
There are still numerous ways to memorize effectively; the above-mentioned are simple, basic ways to do so.

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