Thanks for the amazing support and interest in my memory coaching podcast! 🙏

I initially asked for 7 of you and received 17 applications of interest to be coached online by me!

I’ve done 6 episodes so far and I’ve already noticed a pattern for what people want help with.

1. How to remember names
2. Speed reading to get through content and books
3. Public speaking and presentations without notes

Once I’m finished with the recordings I will upload and give you all the link to tune in.

Thanks again!

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About Tansel Ali:

Thank you for subscribing to my YouTube channel! Follow me as I take you through memory techniques, share strategies and systems for better memorisation and ultimately lead a more productive, smarter life.

I am a 4 x Australian Memory Champion with over 17 years of experience. Having coached celebrities, executives, entrepreneurs, musicians, athletes, and general enthusiasts, preparing them for the fast-paced world in which we are overloaded with information. I share as much of my knowledge, skills and experience as I can to get you learning the techniques and having impact in your life sooner.

I talk about memory techniques and how to use them for daily applications, personal development and success, setting goals (or having none), and achieve maximum results. And yes, I’m the guy that’s memorised 2 Yellow Pages phone books in only 24 days.

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