Yes! I still am doing memory training videos.

I am mixing in other videos other than just memory techniques because I want to communicate with you guys more.

I am a memory expert and you will still get memory training videos.

Here are some of my memory improvement videos:

How to memorize using the Mind Palace

How to remember names and faces

How to remember what you read

How to memorize a deck of cards

How to remember the periodic table of elements

How to give speeches without notes (from memory)

How to memorize your lines

How to memorize your notes

How to memorize numbers

How to memorize SAT vocabulary

How to memorize pi

How to memorize faster

How to remember your notes

How to remember a name or anything

How to remember your dreams

How to remember dates

I am a memory expert. I am known for memory training videos. I have spent my life giving memory improvement techniques and even have trainings on this here

So do not worry. I am still giving memory training techniques in my videos but we are expanding to everything smart and fun.

Memory improvement is still the biggest part of what we do though!

Please share this awesome info!