This video series teaches any school, group or organization how to start a student memory tournament. In this video series I walk you through 8 possible events that you could hold in your tournament.

While perfecting the skills to memorize numbers, cards, formulas, dates, science facts and more in this tournament setting the students will also learn invaluable skills that will enable them to memorize their homework and improve retention for tests.

Originally I had planned to sell this to schools and spent over $1500 to have these videos professionally filmed and edited. However, after a year and a half of having completed these videos and still not seeing them in use because I hadn’t marketed them I decided to just give them away to get them out there.

This video is a fun event where students will be giving numbers in another language and have to translate them into numbers and write out the numbers. For example they may see CUARENTA Y DOS and then when you write it out you will write 42.

This event will teach you the words for numbers in other languages and improve your memory skills as well

I have created a membership website where all the videos and instructions are. If you have not created your free account there do so at

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