This is video 2 in the Student Memory Tournament series. This series explains how any school, group or organization could start their own memory tournament for students.

I had these videos professionally filmed and edited spending over $1500 but I decided instead of selling access to them as originally planned I would give them away to get them into the market as soon as possible.

This event is called Twice Pi Numbers. Pi = 3.14. Twice pi is 6.28 so in this event you will have 6 minutes and 28 seconds to memorize as many numbers as you can.

In this video I explain a very basic way to memorize numbers and then a more advice way to memorize numbers which is referred to as CHARACTER – ACTION – OBJECT. Or also known as CAO or PAO. (PERSON – ACTION – OBJECT)

It could take you a week or two to come up with CAO for every 2 digit number 00-99 but it is more than worth the time investment. My top score is memorizing an 800 digit number in 1 hour using CAO.

Remember I am giving away this video series I want students to make their memory schools around the USA. Create a membership for free at to watch all videos and get more instruction

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