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P.T. Barnum’s book, ‘The Art of Money Getting’ is a timeless classic on how to make money. The movie with Hugh Jackman ‘The Greatest Showman’ was a fun movie. I loved it in part because I had read this book first.

Not only will you learn rules for how to make money but you will also learn rules about life.

The book written in 1880 gives insight on how to make money and it is amazing that 140 years later not much has changed. It is still just as valid as it was back then.

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I will use speed reading to speed read each book in one day and then I will create a video sharing with you what I learned.

Speed reading is a great skill to have. Here is a video to learn how to speed read

The value of learning to speed read is that you can learn faster.

In this video I speed read P.T. Barnum’s book the art of money getting.

P.T. Barnum was recently introduced to a new generation with the Hugh Jackman movie ‘The Greatest Showman’.

Reading the book by the original P.T. Barnum will increase your enjoyment of this movie because you will know the real P.T. Barnum.

If you haven’t seen the Hugh Jackman movie The Greatest Showman I recommend it here

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