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I am speed reading and memorizing a book a day in this new series that I am doing.

The book that I read today is Darren Hardy’s Compound Effect.

This book that I speed read and memorized is all about small changes that add up to big changes over time.

He talks about the small change of cutting out 125 calories per day and how over years can add up to massive weight loss.

Or other examples of the compound effect that Darren Hardy makes in this book are with money and saving money.

He also says that where you put your focus is a compound effect. What Darren means by this is that if you focus on negative things over time that will have a negative compound effect.

Darren Hardy then goes through and talks about how he doesn’t watch the news or hang out with negative people. This is his compound effect for the positive.

Darren Hardy was the publisher of Success Magazine for many years and this is a great book on the compound effect and how it related to success.

I hope you enjoyed this video where I speed read and memorized this book.

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