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2:33 a few speed reading tips
3:07 brief bio on Truett Cathy
3:19 Overlying principle of book about a good name
3:30 history of Chick Fil A
4:20 running a business is about ingredients
5:04 how shopping malls helped grow his business
5:52 Truett Cathy’s definition of luck
6:12 importance of keeping business simple
6:28 Why Truett Cathy didn’t long term plan
7:17 Advice on saving and investing
7:55 His idea on small steps and moving slow
8:50 How he created the Chick Fil A sandwhich!!!!
11:20 How he created name Chick Fil A
13:07 Importance of courtesy and why staff says ‘My pleasure’
14:49 real life staff saying ‘My Pleasure’
15:05 Asking questions increases sales
16:41 Why Chick Fil A is not open on Sunday
18:33 Story of Chick Fil A employee Tom Pike
18:56 Truett Cathy’s 11 Do’s And Don’ts to success

I speed read and memorized the key points from this book. I enjoy eating at Chick Fil A. Chick Fil A is one of my favorite places to eat and so when I was thinking of what book I wanted to speed read and memorize this is one of the first.

I have lots more of these videos coming.

I learned a lot on how to build a business from Truett Cathy’s book on Chick Fil A and I hope you get some good knowledge from it too.

What other books do you think I should speed read and memorize? Leave me some comments below.

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