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Video Takeaways
Omid Kazravan
-Traveling and Speaking all over the world.
-He’s speaking to 50-200 people at a time.
-He’s 21. From Florida
-We met at the Tony Robbins Global Youth Leadership Summit
-How he got into Personal Development at the age of 12
-He did a firewalk
“-The biggest investment that you can make as an investment in yourself!”
-How being introverted helped him gain the confidence to become a World Traveling Speaker and a master communicator
-How he became a #1 International Best Selling Author
-What was his experience like a car salesman and how he became the youngest #1 salesman at his company
-His strategy on becoming a top salesman was to connect with the customers on a deeper level than just as a client.
-Omid was the highest rated salesman at the company
-How the mindset of Love and Abundance helped him sell cars
-How he got referrals
-The hardships that Omid had as an auto sales man
-How he became a national trainer for this new company
-“Luck is when preparation and opportunity meet”
-How messing up at a speaking event in Canada helped him get to this point as an international speaker
-“Focus on the audience when speaking”
-Omid’s tips for success in business and in life to find your zone
-Book recommendation: Money Master the Game by Anthony Robbins
-Why reinvesting is important and how he bought a house at 21.
– His life goals: retire mom, become a millionaire by 25, help kids, and more

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– Memory Master Champion on Fox
– Member of Team USA at the World Memory Championship
– 2nd Overall: Australian Memory Championship 2015
(2 Gold, 2 Silver, 3 Bronze Positions in 10 Events)
– Memorized Deck of Cards: 2 Minutes; 120 Digit Number: 5 Minutes
– Coach of AE Mind Memory Team: Gold in Numbers USA Memory Championship
– Author: #1 International Bestseller, How to Remember Names and Faces (

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