Berkeley University explains how, and why to do this as well as provides evidence and sources that it works.


The better part of one day


“This exercise is best completed on a day (or two) when you have a lot of free time, such as on a weekend. Step two may require some advanced planning with others. In the morning when you first wake up, review the following instructions and make a plan for the day.”

This article linked below is a great find and I highly recommend taking the time to read it and experiment with it. These short 4 steps will make a difference in your life.

Here’s the basic premise. We can mindfully consciously create positive life enriching experiences and then practice recalling them. First choose some activity you enjoy doing by yourself and make time to do it today.

This is not only important as an exercise in memory recall but also in taking steps to create a happier life for ourselves.

Have you ever had the experience of not remembering what you did last week. Your favorite TV show is on again or you’re in your weekly class at school again and it seems like you were just here doing this activity a day ago? It seems the last week went by in a blur you can hardly remember?  They say the older we get the more this perception of reality happens, the faster life goes. Really what is happening is we have a habit of not living mindfully where we are fully conscious of our thoughts and actions each moment and each day.

We are going on automatic and life is happening to us rather than through us. This is one reason why we have difficulties with memory recall.  Many of the events we experience are experienced in a state of hypnosis. When we drive to work or school the same time and same route repeatedly, many of us have the experience of arriving at our destination not really being aware of how we got there. We were deep in thought, listening to the radio or otherwise transfixed in a relaxed state of consciousness brought about by repetitive actions and this is a type of hypnosis.

What we want to do is to create more mindful awareness of our lives and actions so we can recall them more easily from our conscious mind rather than let them sink into our less accessible subconscious mind.  That is what this exercise is designed to help you do.

Now select some activity you enjoy doing with others and set aside time to do that with someone. Perhaps you might go for a walk with someone or meet for coffee for example.  Write it down.

Then select an activity you find to be very important and personally meaningful like spending time with your spouse or kids, writing in your journal or going to a place of worship. Write this down too.

Make your intention to spend this time fully aware of your thoughts and feelings as you engage in your activities.  Make your intention to enjoy your time with yourself or your activity partner.  This is important!


Then after you’ve done these each of these types of activities at the end of each day sit in a quiet relaxed setting and remember how you felt during that activity. Remember how you felt and what happened during the activity and allow yourself to experience it again in your mind’s eye.

This practice of purposeful good actions and recall will create a reservoir or bank of good memories and strengthen your mind’s ability to recall the good.  The more we mindfully consciously create our memories, the more able we are to recall them as we want to and need to. This is why studies of mindfulness and mindfulness meditation are so helpful in the field of memory improvement and in personal development overall.

What activity will you schedule to do today to create a new mindful positive memory?

What activity will you schedule to do with a friend today to create a new mindful positive memory?

Go ahead and write these two things down now.  Write a description of the activity. Write the time of the day you’re going to schedule for it. Take a moment to imagine yourself doing this activity and keeping your appointment with yourself.   You might enter it into your Google Calendar or whatever calendar app you use so you can prompt a reminder to yourself to ensure you keep your appointment with mindful happiness today.

The more you practice this and create a habit of scheduling time to practice mindful living and memory recall, the more you will build a history of personal happy memories. This tends to create a sense that life is enjoyable.


Read this great article now and invest some time in purposely creating great new memories!  Source:

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