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Ok, folks, I realize I may get some kick back here and most of my videos aren’t political and this one is mildly political. It’s meant to be more fun and of course educational. To remember anything you do need to make it a number. In the video I give examples of pictures for numbers. Now I was trying to be a little funny with these pictures for numbers and my real pictures for these numbers are:

16 = car (driver’s license age)
17 = magazine (17 Magazine)
18 = solider (age of enlistment)

Now although I was having fun with this video I don’t think the national debt is a funny matter at all. I don’t think just Republicans or just Democrats or just Obama or just Bush are to blame. That’s not the point of this video. But we do need to take the national debt very seriously.

When Obama was on David Letterman the debt was $16 trillion. Now it is $17 trillion and I think very soon it will be $18 trillion. This is out of control and cannot be good for our country. My hope is that it gets under control sooner rather than later.

I am a memory expert and not a political pundit. So I hope you enjoyed me mild discussion of this topic and also got a little more of an insight into how I memorize numbers. Remember to click the link above to get my pictures for numbers

Ron White is a 2 Time USA Memory Champion and frequent media guest on the topic of memory

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