Ever wanted to be able to calculate the day of the week for any given date in history? Yusnier trained himself to do it and is now a World Record holder. In this 3rd episode of the MIND SHOW, we get to know Yusnier, his background, his skills, how he does it, and general math improvement tips. ENJOY!

0:35 “Intro”
3:15 “Superhuman show” (http://www.fox.com/watch/594909251614/7814588928)
3:45 “How did you prepare?”
5:00 “How real was the show?”
6:05 “Yusnier’s love of numbers”
9:00 “Flash Anzans, how?”
12:25 “Adding by compliments”
14:00 “Math in schools”
15:15 “Spicy Math” (http://www.spicymath.com)
16:35 “Hectoc” (https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/the-hectoc-game/id1063810516?mt=8)
19:28 “Number memory”
20:35 “Number sense”
22:00 “Calendar dates”
24:19 “Yusnier’s calendar dates algorithm!”
29:05 “World Records”
31:20 “When did you start training?”
34:15 “What’s next? Memoriad” (http://www.memoriad.com)
36:40 “Close”

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