On this weeks episode of the MIND SHOW we sit down with Simon Reinhard, one of the TOP memory athletes in the world and 2x Extreme Memory Champion. We discuss his techniques, outlook on competitions, and how he was able to win so single-handedly over his memory career.

2:30 “Intro”
4:00 “Tell me about the International Association of Memory (IAM)”
8:00 “How did you get into memory sports?”
13:10 “Speed Cards record”
16:00 “Video of Speed Cards records: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sbinQ6GdOVk
17:48 “What was it like to be the fastest card memorizer in the world?”
19:00 “Words record”
22:50 “What’s it like to be so close to being the WMC and not winning?”
28:40 “What are your best memories from memory competitions?”
30:00 “Tell me about your XMT wins”
33:30 “What is your card system?”
39:40 “Do you think you can get faster at cards?”
43:00 “What is your numbers system?”
46:30 “Close”

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