This week, on the 5th episode of the MIND SHOW, Nelson interviews the HUMAN CALCULATOR, Scott Flansburg. He holds the record for being able to count by any number in the fastest time. Listen in as he discusses math, numbers, education, and mental calculation competitions. Fascinating stuff!

0:25 “Intro”
1:11 “History Channel Show”
1:40 “Scott’s background”
3:00 “Calculation example”
3:56 “Is this memorization or calculation?”
5:00 “Guinness Record”
5:24 “Calculation example 2”
6:23 “Can anyone learn this skill?”
7:35 “Number sense”
8:30 “Numbers and math in school”
9:39 “Scott invented his own calendar”
11:05 “Memoriad: Olympics of Mental Sports” (
14:00 “The Counting Bee”
15:35 “Are you good with numbers in other ways?”
17:00 “Any tips for our listeners?”
19:06 “Are you good at calculating other things?”
20:50 “Talking about the Soroban”
21:40 “Close”

To learn more about Scott Flansburg, check out his website And follow him on Twitter @HumanCalendar.

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