This week, on our 6th episode of the MIND SHOW, Nelson chats with the famed Supercalculator, Rüdiger Gamm. He can calculate extremely large multiplications, exponents/powers, calendar dates, and can speak backwards. Yeah. It’s insane! In this episode, we put Rüdiger to the test and learn about his incredible skills.


2:01 “Intro”
2:35 “What are you known for?”
3:20 “Speaking backwards”
5:28 “Calculating powers/exponents – how do you do it?”
7:18 “Could you teach me how to do this?”
8:35 “Calculation example 1”
9:20 “Is it calculation or memorization?”
10:20 “Are you good at memorizing numbers, in general?”
11:12 “Calculation example 2”
11:40 “What’s the biggest calculation you can do?”
12:18 “Calculation example 3”
13:30 “Calculation and memory”
15:00 “Do the calculation example in slow motion for us – what’s the process?”
17:15 “What calculations do you have pre-memorized?”
17:58 “Are there patterns in the calculations you do?”
18:40 “When did you start doing this?”
20:01 “How did you get started with power calculations”
21:40 “Do you teach people? Give seminars?”
23:06 “Calculation example 4”
23:43 “Calculation example 5”
24:01 “Do you love doing this?”
24:30 “Calendar dates”
26:40 “Merman suit…”
27:15 “What’s next?”
28:18 “Why do you need to warm up before calculations”
28:50 “Calculation example 6”
31:30 “Close”

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