Catching up with the champion of the hit FOX show, SuperHuman: Luis Angel. His background, his story, his techniques…basically everything.

1:10 “The SUPERHUMAN CHAMP!” (Watch the show here:
2:30 “Luis’ backstory”
2:50 “Luis’ early EARLY YouTube videos”
3:30 “Nelson Dellis memorizing a deck in the Death Zone // Everest”
4:45 “Ron White Training”
5:15 “Hard work”
7:00 “Goal setting”
10:50 “Are you super human?”
14:00 “What was it like being on the show?”
18:10 “Winning reaction”
21:10 “What’s next?” (check out:
24:00 “Upcoming competitions?”
24:40 “Superhuman show memory techniques”
29:20 “Prep time on the show?”
32:40 “Close”

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