This week’s episode of the MIND SHOW, we chat with Katie Kermode, the words and names memorizing god!! She has a mix of talent and natural abilities in memory, which allow her to be so awesome at those two events which most memory athletes have trouble with. In this episode we dig down into her techniques and methods, trying to understand how much of her skill is natural versus trained. Enjoy!

1:31 – “Intro”
1:59 – “What is background?”
3:04 – “What do you do for a living?”
4:06 – “Were you interested in languages naturally?”
5:46 – “World record Words and Names, how did it feel to break it?”
7:51 – “Whats your technique for Words?”
10:59 – “Example with words”
12:25 – “How do you keep the order of words right?”
13:34 – “World record attempt”
14:31 – “Do you have specific journeys for specific things?”
15:06 – “Names memorization”
16:26 – “You have synesthesia, right?”
18:11 – “Recent competition scores”
19:00 – “Next plans?”
19:28 – “Beginners advice”
20:31 – “Your new Cards/Numbers technique”
24:09 – “Best Cards time?”
25:21 – “Best Numbers time?”
25:50 – “What are your goals now?”
27:00 – “Why are there less women in memory competition than men?”
28:11 – “Do you train people?”
28:54 – “What else is something surprising about you that people may not know?”
29:49 – “Close”

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