In this week’s episode of the MIND SHOW, we chat with teenage math prodigy, Javen Ho, who I met last summer on the set of a TV show we both were on. He can add super fast and it’s all a result of how he was taught math at a young age. Listen in to learn more about his skill and how he got them!

2:46 – “Intro”
3:31 – “What exactly can you do?”
3:55 – “Is your skill natural or did you learn it through practice?”
4:44 – “What’s the name of the school where you trained?”
5:02 – “Are there others like you?”
6:24- “Mental abacus”
6:54 – “How do you visualize numbers?”
8:02 – “What are you planning to study?”
8:47 – “TEST #1”
9:34 – “How’s your memory for numbers?”
10:04 – “TEST #2”
10:39 – “TEST #3”
11:19 – “What is your multiplication technique?”
12:44 – “Squaring numbers”
13:24 – “Rapid addition”
14:22 – “TEST #4”
15:08 – “Walk-through”
17:04- “TEST #5”
18:14 – “Memoriad”
19:34 – “What’s a day in the life?”
20:17- “Should kids be taught what you were taught?”
23:04 – “What’s next?”
23:59 – “Close”

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