In the 10th episode of the MIND SHOW, Nelson has a chat with the polyglot and expert language learner, Gabriel Wyner. Gabriel is a former opera singer and has since taught himself how to speak up to seven languages. In his book “Fluent Forever” he discusses the tips and tricks to learning a language FAST. In this podcast, Gabe dives into details about his journey into polyglotism, his book, and how anyone can learn a language quickly. If you’ve ever wanted to learn a language but have always come up short, this is a MUST LISTEN!

2:30 “Intro”
3:30 “Who is Gabriel Wyner?”
5:40 “Languages when growing up”
7:00 “Language learning in school vs home”
8:20 “how many languages can you speak?”
8:55 “How proficient are you in those languages?”
10:24 “What is your favorite/easiest language?”
12:10 “What is your personality like in other languages?”
13:30 “The Middlebury Language School”
16:50 “Does it work? Is it worth it?”
17:40 “Fluent Forever, how did it come to be?”
20:10 “Book writing process”
25:23 “Fluent Forever Kickstarter project”
28:10 “Language learning, Step 1. Pronunciation / Ear training”
33:10 “Language learning, Step 2. Learn vocab”
35:50 “The right way to make a flashcard”
40:00 “Recap for learning words”
40:40 “Language learning, Step 3. Learn the grammar through example”
45:54 “Language learning, Step 4. Putting it all together – how to”
49:00 “What’s next for you?”
50:45 “Who is your favorite polyglot?”
51:30 “Outro”

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