On our 8th episode of the MIND SHOW, Nelson chats with the musical prodigy (and best friend), David Leibovitch. He holds one of the coolest mind skills I can think of: PERFECT PITCH. He is a virtuoso violin player and has musical skills and knowledge you can’t even fathom. In this episode they discuss relative vs. absolute pitch, his musical training, nature vs. nurture, and best of all, we put him to the test!


0:15 “Intro”
1:35 “David’s background”
2:45 “What is perfect pitch?”
4:05 “Quick test!”
4:20 “Relative pitch”
5:30 “Another test!”
8:30 “Is perfect pitch genetic?”
9:05 “David’s violin training”
10:45 “Talent or practice?”
11:40 “Have you ever met anyone with this skill?”
12:00 “When did you realize you had this skill?”
15:25 “Rock music”
16:40 “Learning telephone frequencies”
20:25 “What makes a note?”
22:05 “Could you teach me?”
25:10 “Did your mom or dad have this?”
27:40 “Can you be an elite professional/classical musician without this skill?”
30:20 “Physics lab in university”
37:35 “Song key tests”
41:20 “Outro”

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