In this week’s episode of the MIND SHOW we have BORIS KONRAD, a legend in the memory sports world. Also a champion Speed Stacker and well-known neuroscientist studying the mind and memory. This week his paper was published and received a lot of attention, claiming that with just a bit of practice, anyone can become a memory athlete. In this chat, we discuss his research, his memory techniques, and a bit about the weird sport of stacking cups. Listen in!

1:25 – “Intro”
2:10 – “Memory Research Study”
6:10 – “Tell me about your first memory competition”
9:30 – “What are your best memory achievements?”
11:50 – “The famous BORIS YELL”
13:18 – “Speed Stacking”
13:46 – “Donald Trump BURN”
15:30 – “How did Speed Stacking as a sport blow up?”
20:03 – “What are the speed stacking methods?”
24:58 – “What memory systems do you use?”
26:38 – “What are your Pos in memorization?”
29:18 – “What’s next?”
31:23 – “Close”

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