This week, on our 7th episode of the MIND SHOW, Nelson chats with the 3x World Memory Champion and LEGEND of memory sports, Ben Pridmore. He has held numerous world records over the years for memorizing cards, numbers, and binary numbers, and his been around in memory sports since nearly the beginning. In this episode we chat about the old days of memory sports – the “naught-y” years, his heydays, his revolutionary techniques, and where he’s headed next. If you have any fascination about memory sports and its history, this is a MUST-LISTEN.


0:35 “Intro”
2:07 “Do people at work know what you do?”
2:54 “When did you start memorizing?”
3:44 “Your first memory competition?”
5:11 “Poetry in WMC / old WMC standards”
8:14 “When did you start actually training?”
8:46 “The Ben System beginnings”
9:19 “2-card systems in the early ‘00s”
11:04 “The Shadow System”
13:14 “Ben’s book”
14:04 “Using the Ben System in competition”
14:56 “Memory training motivation”
16:29 “Rivalries in the early 2000s”
18:34 “First WMC win 2004”
19:14 “Andy Bell’s Memory World Cup”
20:44 “Ben at USAMC in 2009”
22:54 “What’s next?”
24:09 “DJ Shadow memory video”
28:09 “Upcoming competitions?”
29:24 “XMT and other competitions”
31:45 “Superbrain China show”
34:29 “Ben Pridmore fan-fare”
36:09 “Favorite memory championship memory”
37:24 “Any ideas for improving Speed Cards?”
39:24 “Ben Pridmore Comeback?”
40:34 “Outro”

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