On this week’s episode of the MIND SHOW we have University of Oakland Engineering professor Dr. Barbara Oakley, who is most well-known for her MOOC “Learning How To Learn” (https://www.coursera.org/learn/learni…). She is also a successful author, having published “A Mind For Numbers” as well as the upcoming “Mindshift.” We discuss her background and new book as well as dive into some of the key tips for learning how to learn!

3:28 “Intro”
5:18 “MOOC // How did it come to be?”
5:41 “”A Mind For Numbers” book”
7:13 “How did the book turn into the course?”
8:55 “Barbara’s past and background”
11:30 “What brought you to the South Pole?”
16:15 “Teaching at University of Oakland”
18:37 “The MOOC: Top 3 things on learning how to learn”
19:00 “#1 Pomodoro Technique”
21:30 “Recommended spacing?”
23:25 “#2 Brain Modes: Focus vs. diffuse”
26:15 “#3 Slow vs. fast problem solvers”
29:10 “Your new book! “Mindshift””
31:54 “Your book in one sentence”
36:30 “Career Advise”
40:25 “When does your book come out?”
42:25 “Favorite place to travel in the world?”
43:25 “Most famous scientist you’ve ever met?”
44:55 “Favorite book?”
48:30 “Close”

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To check out the “Learning how to learn” MOOC: https://www.coursera.org/learn/learni…

To buy Barbara’s books:

A Mind For Numbers: https://www.amazon.com/Mind-Numbers-S…

Mindshift: https://www.amazon.com/Mindshift-Obst…

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