On the 9th episode of the MIND SHOW, Nelson talks with the famous mathematician, Art Benjamin. He teaches mathematics at Harvey Mudd College and is a famed prodigious mental calculator (and magician) best known for his incredible multiplication and squaring abilities. In this episode, Art discusses how he got into mental calculation, his books, some live calculation examples and walk-throughs, and the ins and outs of mathematics.

0:30 “Intro”
1:38 “Mathemagics TED talk”
2:53 “Secrets of Mental Math book”
5:58 “Art’s upbringing and learning to square numbers”
11:58 “Being interested in numbers”
12:58 “Getting into magic”
14:08 “When did you develop your current Mathemagics show?”
18:48 “Squaring skills”
22:53 “Squaring 2-digit numbers”
23:58 “Squaring 3-digit numbers (#1 – 356 squared)”
31:27 “Example #2 – 578 squared”
32:03 “Example #3 – 213 squared”
32:12 “Example #4 – 995 squared”
32:27 “Have you tried to square more than a 5-digit number?”
34:28 “Bill Chase and memory research”
44:10 “Have you ever thought about competing?”
47:58 “Art’s new math book”
49:58 “Outro”

To download the audio podcast of this interview, click here: https://soundcloud.com/climb4memory/nelson-dellis-mind-show-art-benjamin-mathemagician

To learn more about Art Benjamin, head to his website: http://www.math.hmc.edu/~benjamin/

To watch his viral TED talk from 2005, click here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M4vqr3_ROIk

To buy his books, click here:

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