In this week’s episode of the MIND SHOW, we have an exciting chat with Speed Cubing champ, Anthony Brooks. One of the fastest Rubik’s Cube solvers in the world, we dive into techniques, strategies, and what it’s like to be a professional cuber.

2:15 – “Intro”
3:37 – “How did you get started?”
7:11 – “Current World Records”
8:55 – “What are Speed Cubing competitions like?”
15:50 – “Strategy – The Cross”
16:55 – “Basic Strategy”
19:00 – “ZB System”
25:00 – “How are you learning your system?”
29:20 – “Are you using the ZB System yet?”
33:25 – “Fastest personal times”
37:12 – “What is the World Record average time?”
39:30 – “What’s next for you?”
41:05 – “How can people learn more?”
41:25 – “Best Cubing experience”
45:00 – “Close”

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