In episode 2 of the MIND SHOW, we interview recent World Memory Champion, Alex Mullen. Discussions include his performance at the championship, his techniques in the different disciplines, mindset, and tips and strategies for students wanting to use memory techniques.

1:32 “Intro”
2:02 “What was it like going into the championship?”
4:12 “Personal bests”
5:37 “Breaking Records”
8:17 “Numbers memorization strategy”
12:17 “Number recall strategy”
16:07 “Cards strategy”
17:37 “Cards system”
23:07 “Cards example”
27:37 “What’s next?”
30:57 “Study tips”
31:27 “Do you always use a memory palace?”
32:37 “Study/review software”
33:37 “Creating new memory palaces”
38:27 “Close”

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