This week, in our 4th episode of the MIND SHOW, we change gears and sit down with the oldest American climber to climb K2, Alan Arnette. He has also summited Mt. Everest and is a HUGE advocate for Alzheimer’s research. Listen to him explain how he pushes his mind to conquer some of the tallest mountains in the world.

0:53 “Intro”
2:00 “K2 congrats!” (K2:…)
2:50 “Alzheimer’s”
4:36 “Passion and purpose”
5:40 “Where do you go mentally when you climb?”
8:05 “What goes on in your head?”
9:10 “Being in the moment”
10:40 “Mount Everest attempts”
12:30 “Different mental approach in 2011 attempt”
15:40 “What is the summit of Mt. Everest like?”
19:00 “What is the summit of K2 like?”
22:10 “Had you been to the K2 glacier before?”
22:39 “What’s next?” (Project 8000:…)
23:57 “Everest guiding is changing”
25:05 “Will you be covering Everest this season? What is this season looking like?”
28:17 “What is your happiest moment?”
31:00 “Close”

Follow Alan Arnette and his incredible climbs, as well as his impeccable coverage of the Everest climbing season at @alan_arnette (Twitter) and on his website at

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