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? NASA Endeavour Space SHUTTLE Transported to LA HOME (2012)
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Video Takeaways
What’s going on everyone. This is Luis Angel with AE Mind Science, and in Today’s Science Update, I will be talking about NASA’s and USA’s Endeavour Shuttle.

Yesterday, it started to make its way down from LAX to the California Science Center. It stopped for some hours until restarting its journey again today. As you saw in the video, the Endeavor Shuttle is just a few miles away from the Science Center and it is at a standstill right now. There are hundreds of people out on the sides of the shuttle taking pictures and shooting video as they wait for the Crew to start moving the shuttle again.

They more than likely won’t move the shuttle until tomorrow morning.

I was just very excited to be a part of this historic event. I went up real close to the shuttle. I was amazed to see this piece of history with over 100 Million miles under it’s “belt.”

I will forever remember this event!

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