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If you ask yourself, ‘Who is the best memory expert?’ I think you have come to the answer here.

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Ron is a motivational speaker and memory expert. He is a 2 time USA Memory Champion. His keynote speech is often the highlight of any conference or convention.

He has been a motivational speaker and keynote speaker for over 26 years now. His keynote speech is titled ‘Triple Your Memory – Triple Your Business’. It is a high energy motivational speech.

The tangible take aways everyone will get from this motivational speech are:
1. How to remember names to build relationships and business! How many relationships and business have you lost because you can’t recall names?
2. How to give speeches or presentations from memory (without notes). Do you ever notice the best motivational speakers and keynote speakers aren’t reading their notes or the power point? They are giving the speech from memory. You will learn how to memorize any presentation whether it is a 1 on 1 sales presentation or a keynote speech for audience of 10,000
3. How to remember what you learn from conferences when you attend keynote speeches or motivational speeches. Or maybe it is learn from classes, workshops or seminars. Imagine being able to remember everything you learned!

Ron is a memory expert but he is also a motivational speaker because his speech is very motivational. Imagine discovering the power of the human mind and learning to tap in to it for increased sales and profits.

He has delivered his keynote to audiences as large as 10,000 people and in countries all over the world. It is a powerful talk on how having a great memory improves business.

This motivational speech is like a Vegas Show with high level education. Ron will memorize everyone’s name in the room (up to 300 people) and then repeat those names from memory.

It is a powerful memory demonstration and a great way to demonstrate the business building power of remembering names.

If you are looking for a motivational speaker to deliver a keynote speech for your conference then no need to look for other keynote speakers, Ron White is your choice.

Ron White is one of the world’s top memory experts and will be an awesome addition to your conference.

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Ron began speaking at conferences and conventions as a motivational speaker in 1991! This is his bio

His keynote speech is fun, educational and professional. Ron is not just the standard motivational speaker who has a great speech. He is a business owner and marketer. He understands cold calling, sales and prospecting. That is why he can apply the memory techniques he teaches to business better than most.

Unlike most motivational speakers Ron doesn’t just pump your audience up (although he does this) he also gives tangible takeaways they can start implementing THAT day to remember names, give speeches from memory and remember what they learn.

Book a keynote speaker or motivational speaker for your next conference that not only motivates but gives tools to improve life.

You may have seen Ron as a memory expert on dozens of television programs or newspapers. He is one of the more established memory experts and memory speakers in the world.

His goal is the same as yours and that is to make this conference your best ever!

End your search for motivational speakers and keynote speakers here! You have found 2 Time USA Memory Champion and memory expert Ron White!

Who is the best memory expert. The answer is Ron White

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