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The Go Getter written by Peter Kyne and published in 1921 is a great book that talks about how to be a Go Getter.

It really made me think about my life and perseverance and achievement.

This is a fictional story of a World War 1 veteran who doesn’t take no for an answer.

The owner of the company is Cappy Ricks and he has passed his business down to Mr. Skinner and his son in law Matt Peasley.

These guys run the company but Cappy wants to hire William Peck because he is inspired by his attitude plus he loves military veterans being one himself.

They hire William Peck and then give him the “Challenge of the Blue Vase’ after he proves himself to be a fantastic salesman.

This blue vase challenge is over the top and hilarious as well.

This really made me think of my life and if I am the Go Getter I want to be

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