Link above has memory memory training tips

This crazy mind game will read your mind!

Get ready to play this mind game and be amazed.

Ron White is a memory expert and was on Season 1 of the National Geographic Channel’s Brain Games.

When he was on season 1 of Brain Games he did several mind games and taught you how to do the same.

This fun mind game is one that you might see on the Nat Geo show Brain Games.

This mind game is based on math. That is why it works.

If you play this mind game the right way you should be amazed.

Move 1 square every time Ron says the word ‘move.’

If you know of other fun mind games we should do let us know.

Don’t forget to check out Ron on season 1 of Nat Geo’s Brain Games. He was in the episode titled ‘Remember This’ and taught memory training skills.

If you haven’t seen Brain Games yet here is a link

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