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In memory training you have a few options. As a memory expert personally I prefer to use the mind palace method also known as the method of loci, Roman room or memory palace.

For me it is the easiest and requires less thinking and is thus quicker. However, a memory method that I teach and occasionally use is the peg system.

The peg system is where you assign a word to a number. The peg system that memory training expert Harry Lorayne develped was:


Other peg systems used in memory training are ones where the word rhyme like this

1= run
2 = shoe
3 = tree
4 = door
5 = hive
6 = sticks
7 = heaven
8 = gate
9 = vine
10 = hen

These are memory training systems where you will assign a word to a number and then when you want to memorize something you visualize the first word interacting with the the first peg (tie or run depending on which list you are using).

This memory training method works but as I stated I prefer the mind palace.

My personal peg system goes like this

1 – pencil
2 – duck
3 – pyramid
4 – box
5 – star
6 – elephant
7 – dice
8 – snowman
9 – balloon
10 – fork and plate

Whatever memory training method you use is up to you. Many like and use the peg system. Personally I use the mind palace a lot more but use what works for you!

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