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This video is an explanation and help on how to use the mind palace and my favorite memory training technique. If you do not know what the Mind Palace is then you should watch this video here

When using the memory training technique the Mind Palace I am often asked if you can store more than 1 image per location.

The answer to that is yes and I do it all the time.

When memorizing decks of cards or numbers the top memory training experts in the world will often store 2-3 images per location.

I recently heard that Katie Kermode who has held a memory world record for most words memorized in 5 minutes uses 5 words per location. Personally I have never used that many and my limit is normally 3 but this is just more proof that when using the Mind Palace you create your own rules.

The key about any memory training system and that includes the Mind Palace is that you make your own rules.

There are many benefits to storing more than 1 item per location and one of those benefits. One of those benefits is that you can save your files. For example if you have 20 words to memorize and 20 files but you put 2 on a location you only need to use 10 of your locations.

There are dangers with putting more than 1 per location in your Mind Palace and that danger might be the story gets too long and confusing or you confused the order of the images on that location.

This is my favorite memory training technique and when I set the record for the fastest to memorize a deck of cards in the USA and the most numbers memorized in 5 minutes at 167 digits I put 3 items per location for both of those goals.

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Again, if you don’t know what the Mind Palace is watch this video

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