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Would you like to learn how to memorize fast and easily?

The truth is that anyone can learn how to memorize fast and easily with simple memory training techniques

The standard way to memorize anything is to just say it over and over again.

This is known as rote memorization and in my opinion it will drive you crazy.

For example, if I give you this list of words:

Mountain, ice, tree, bicycle, German Shepard, shoe, glass of water, tv set, pillow, trampoline.

You could memorize that list by just saying it over and over again. This method is the old and hard way.

Or you could use memory training and memorize it fast and easily by using proven memory training techniques.

One of those memory training techniques is known as the story method where you create a story to memorize the items.

Taking the same list of words you would create a story:

A mountain has ice on the top and trees on the side. Coming down the mountain is a bicycle riden by a German Shepard. He has a glass of water in one hand and a shoe in the other. At the bottom of the mountain he crashes into a tv set and bounces off the tv set landing on a pillow and then landing on a trampoline.

These same words then become a lot easier with this memory training story method and it is how you memorize fast and easily.

If you would like more advanced techniques try our Mind Palace videos

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