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In this video I give you a memory test to see how many names you can remember.

Remembering names come down to creating images for the names and visualizing these images on the face of the person.

It is important to remember names because it build friendships and relationships.

Remembering names is a key to success in life.

Take this memory test and see how many names you can remember

There are 13 names here as we go through the wax museum in New York City and I make up fake names for the people.

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When I am hired by a company as a memory expert one of the things they enjoy seeing me do is meet everyone in their audience and memorize a room full of names. Sometimes I will memorize 200 to 300 names!

It is really a fun demonstration to see.

Let me know below how many names you can remember.

I want to hear the amount of names you memorized here so please comment below.

My memory training tips to remember names are


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