Memory training tips

If you don’t know what the Memory Palace or Mind Palace method is click the video above. It is a great video describing this method.

One of the most common questions I get about the memory palace is, ‘What if I run out of space in my home?’

When building your Memory Palace here is something important to understand. IT DOESN’T HAVE TO STAY IN THAT HOME!

In other words you can go outside of the home in your mind and use items on the street to expand the memory palace.

I have over 1300 files (locations in the Mind Palace or Memory Palace). To do this I used locations like:

My house
My house 3 years ago
My house 5 years ago
Coffee shops
Friend’s homes
Family members homes
Sports stadiums
Office buildings

So when building this memory palace it doesn’t mean that in your mind you have to stay in your current home.


I do sometimes map these out on paper or even walk around and take pictures and then load them into my Memory Palace power point and memorize them that way.

I hope this helps

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