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When memorizing which memory method should you chose?
The mind palace (aka memory palace, method of loci, journey method) is my preference. I believe it’s strengths are:

– If you will invest the time you can recall massive amounts of info (I did 7,000 for one project with 2,300 loci (spots or files)
– You can say the data backwards or by number. This might be handy if for instance you wanted to know the 20th president of USA was James Garfield instantly.

The weakness of the method of loci or memory palace (aka journey method) is that it takes TIME to build. If you want 50 spots you could do that in an hour. If you want 500 spots it might take you a week or two. To build my 2,300 location memory palace it took me 6 to 8 weeks!!

But once it is built you have it FOREVER. The work is front loaded.

A much simpler method to memorize is to create a story or a song and link the items. Many students (including my cousin Donovan in this video) will memorize the Presidents of the USA or states with a song/story method. This is a fine memory training method. The challenge is that they can’t say it by number or if they forget one part of the story it throws the rest off.

Because of this I strongly prefer the memory palace over the story method. But you will see in this video that my cousin did memorize all the states with a story method in a song and he has known it for 28 years!

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