free ebook on the Mind Palace at link above

What I am describing in this video is a Mind Palace. It is something written about in Sherlock Holmes books and has been around for thousands of years. Get a free ebook on it at the link above

I used the Mind Palace on Stan Lee’s Superhumans as the memory guy to beat the computer at Home Depot.

Being called Superhuman was one of the highlights of my television appearances. What are some fun uses of the memory system?
– Maybe a pick up artist going to a bar and memorizing names and phone numbers! haha 🙂
– Maybe memorizing every page of a magazine like I did on the Martha Stewart Show (I memorized her magazine)
– Back to the pick up artist thing, have 20 people tell you a fact about themselves and then go back and repeat them all
– Memorizing not only phone numbers but a random string of numbers for friends

USA Memory Champion and memory training expert Ron White shares how to use a mental map of a city to memorize information

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