My pictures for names here:

One of the things I am known for as a memory expert is the demonstration that I do where I meet 200 people in an audience and then when I am on stage I have these people stand up and I repeat their names from memory.

It has really helped me make my mark as a memory expert and memory coach. In this video I reveal exactly how I do this memory training demonstration.

It is a simple demonstration but it isn’t easy. I have to do work in advance and that is have images for people’s names.

1. I notice a unique feature about each person
2. I create an image for their name
3. I see this image on their unique feature
4. I met 3-5 people and then I will review their names
5. I try to memorize the first few rows

These are a few of the steps in I cover in this video on how to memorize names.

I enjoy being a memory expert and this is one of the memory training demonstrations that I am best known for.

I am happy to reveal my memory secrets for you.

I hope this helps you remember names. You may not want to memorize names of an audience but using these same tips you can memorized name in real life. Here is a video I did on how to remember names

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