Did you see memory expert Ronnie White memorizing numbers on Stan Lee’s Superhumans?

You can use these exact same memory training skills that he uses to impress people as a memory expert to do some really cool stunts.

After the 2009 USA Memory Championship Ronnie went to a bar with some of his fellow memory experts and started memorizing the phone numbers of girls at a bar as a game.

Since then he has been known as a guy who would go to a bar and remember the phone numbers (or at least the numbers they give him!) as a way to have fun with the ladies.

In this video, instead of giving phone numbers to memorize he does a very similar memory expert demonstration by memorizing the sequence of dice created by these two girls.

This was an unrehearsed memory demonstration where Ronnie memorized the numbers the girls said.

I hope you see this as fun and I also hope you realize Ronnie will be the first to admit that 30 digits isn’t his most extreme memory challenge but it is a fun stunt.

You can use these skills to impress people and be seen as a memory expert.

I hope you learn the memory training skills.

The memory demonstration memory expert Ronnie White did on S. Lee Superhumans involved more numbers and a computer checked his answers!

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