Link above has my best memory training tips

Tips to improve your memory.

Here are a few brain exercises that you can try. Are you afraid of losing your memory? Keep it fresh, active and healthy with these memory exercises.

Read a book. Maybe just read one page and then write down everything you can remember about what you just read. This will train you to focus and is also a fun memory exercise.

Next time maybe you read several pages or for 10 minutes and see what you can remember. This is a fun brain exercise.

The next brain exercise (or maybe I should say brain game) you should try is at the end of the day try and remember everything you did that day starting from the moment you woke up until the present moment. This can be relaxing and you may fall asleep!

This is a memory training tip that is a memory exercise. If you want to make this brain exercise even more of a challenge then start at the present moment and go in reverse!

Review your day backwards!

To take this memory exercise or brain game to the advance level then try to review yesterday or last week!

The final brain exercise is a memory training tip and that is to build a memory palace. This means you would number pieces of furniture in your home. As a brain exercise you can number these items in an order that makes sense to you and review them at your convenience . If you don’t know what a mind palace is you can watch my video on it.

These are some of my brain exercises. I do think one of the best brain games is a good memory training system.
Link above has my best memory training tips

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