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Ron White is a 2 time USA Memory Champion, memory expert and a memory coach. He has been coaching people to improve their memory for 25 years!

His first coaching session was with his cousins at the age of 19 throughout the years Ron was the memory coach to athletes, successful businessmen and students.

Being a memory coach is a serious job because you can really impact the direct and life of someone. A person may struggle with remembering names and with the help of a good memory coach can because a genius at recalling names.

Students often need a memory coach to remove their stress and anxiety over school work.

Ron White’s credentials to be your memory coach:
– 25 years of memory instructing and coaching
– 2 Time USA Memory Champion
– Held record for fastest to memorize a deck of cards in the USA
– Held record for longest number memorized in USA in 5 minutes
– Guest on Dr Oz, Good Morning America, Nat Geo Brain Games, Fox & Friends morning show, CBS Early show, front page of Wall Street Journal, Discovery Channel ‘Dr Know’, Fox Superhuman and many other shows

In this video Ron was these Thailand students memory coach and he taught them to count to 10 in Spanish by creating images for the words

Uno = Uno playing cards
dos = dosage
tres = trays
cuartro = quiet row
cinco = sinking
seis = say, ‘S’
seite = sitting on an A
Ocho = old choke
nueve = new waving
diez = the ‘S’

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