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Chapter 1 in this series on United States history is here:

Chapter 2 in this series on United States history is here:

This is Chapter 3 in our series of how to memorize United States history but actually this work for any history you want to memorize.

I love this because I am a fan of American History. These 8 videos will tell the story of US History from 1400 years ago to the Revolutionary War.

We will be making history a story or like a movie. I really think this is the key to memorizing. If you want to memorize US history then make it a story. Pretend you are reading a movie script.

Next to remember the facts you want to make images for the words.

If you are home schooling your students these videos will be a great way to learn but they are a great way for anyone to learn anything.

By learning about American History you can learn why certain things are the way they are. History tells us a lot about who we are.

I recently stay at a hotel in NYC called the Iroquois Hotel and next to it was the Alquonvquin Hotel it was only because of this US History cartoon and the memory training techniques used in it that I knew the significance of these hotels next to each other.

The memory training tricks in this video really work to memorize history facts or to memorize anything that you want really.

I hope you enjoy the US history cartoon but I also hope that you watch all coming up.

There are a lot of different ways to memorize history facts and the ones in this video work really well for me. I think they will work really well for you too.

Comment below and tell me how many of the items from this video that you remember.

Tell me what you liked about the video.

It is a fun memory training video about how to memorize history and part of the reason is the fun Buffalo as the narrator.

The free gift is a memory training PDF at the link above.

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