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Use memory training to memorize any speech says memory expert Ron White

With memory training you can memorize your speech.

Step 1 to memorize a speech = write out your speech bullet points. never write out a speech word for word or attempt to memorize word for word. Instead use bullet points.

Step 2 to memorize a speech = Use a memory training technique known as the Mind Palace. This is where you memorize spots in a room and later use those spots to store the data. This memory training technique seems simple but the Mind Palace is used by memory experts around the world for many different things

Step 3 to memorize a speech = Use the memory training technique known as the Mind Palace. You do this by turning each bullet point in your speech into a mental image and then seeing these mental images around the room. For example if your bullet points are:

Increase profits = then you imagine money
Setting goals = you imagine a goal post

You then imagine these images on furniture in your Mind Palace. This memory training technique can be used for many things including memorizing a speech.

Memory experts use this method to give speeches, memorize numbers, dates, facts, details and all other kinds of information.

Here is a memory training video on how memory experts use the mind palace

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