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Video Takeaways

Here are the words and definitions that we memorized:

Benevolent = Well Meaning and Kindly
Tawdry = Showy but cheap and of poor quality
Languid = Weak or Slow and Relaxed
Gregarious = Fond of company; sociable
Pulchritude = Beauty

Here are the stories that I created for each word:

Benevolent = I gave my dog a Bone inside of an Envelope because he was being kind all week.

Tawdry = A Towel couldn’t Dry the wet floor because it was made of cheap material.

Languid = On top of a Lane there was a Squid laying there very weak and lazy like.

Gregarious = Inside of the Gray Car, there was a lot of Rice having fun and talking with each other.

Pulchritude = The Poker cards that the Toad had were a straight flush which caused a beautiful princess to appear.

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